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The Broadside Hack is a short documentary film from British Underground exploring the influence of traditional folk songs on a new generation of musicians.  The documentary was made in collaboration with Broadside Hacks and features Shovel Dance Collective, Thyrsis, caroline, Broadside Hacks and Boss Morris.  It was filmed at Real World Studios in Box, Wiltshire in August 2021 and is part of our Looking for a New England series of showcases

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What the hell is Broadside Hacks? Is it a band? Is it a label? Is it a club? Is it a promoter? It’s all of those things. Simplest to call it a collective, reckons Campbell Baum, its founder. Simplest, as a listener, just to accept Broadside Hacks as a mark of something interesting, of a way of approaching folk music that combines creative freedom with respect for the past. Simplest to understand Broadside Hacks does not mean musicians steeped in the folk clubs, but musicians who have created their own folk club to create their own understanding of the tradition. Simpler than that, it's a group composed of an array of brilliantly talented individual artists – among them Katy J Pearson, Naima Bock and members of Goat Girl, Sorry and caroline.


The Shovel Dance Collective are a newly formed group of nine musicians exploring the folk traditions of these islands (and beyond). While nurturing the history of the source material, the collective brings to it sensibilities drawn from drone, improvisation, and metal. In so doing, they aim to uncover proto-feminist narratives and queer histories, and to make heard the voices of the working people that created and create the wealth of the world.


caroline are an eight person, London-based band playing tense yet expansive music, touching on post-rock, emo, folk and minimalist classical. 

caroline began in early 2017, evolving out of weekly improvisation sessions, slowly expanding their on-stage membership as the songs developed. Rough Trade released their debut single “Dark blue” in March 2020, and the eight-piece were nominated as Ones To Watch at the 2020 AIM Awards, and narrowly beaten by Arlo Parks.

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"Thyrsis" is the project of a very discreet individual, for which he writes, sings and plays piano. It was conceived in the hope of giving professional license to his reading and listening, and was inspired by a range of sacred and profane music, bucolic idylls and chivalric romances. Since then, a number of other musicians have become involved, such as long-time collaborator Nat Jones, Ebyan Rezgui, Jake Kavanagh, Tim Davies and Frank Wright.


Boss Morris is an all female Morris Dancing side that sprang up out of the five valleys of Stroud, Gloucestershire in 2015. The twelve-strong group of dancers now regularly hops and performs across the UK with their unique take on the traditional English Folk dance.

Boss Morris is an eclectic group of professional performers, dancers, musicians, artists and a horde of magical beasts who create tailored performances for vibrant and exciting events. Boss is well known by folk and artistic communities alike, with audiences and fans from far and wide.

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